Our Fees - better service isn't necessarily expensive


£1,895 pa + VAT fully inclusive (up to four members); no take-over charges, no set-up fees.

A single highly-competitive fee; no 'time cost' fees, no 'fees menu'.

Bespoke Administration without high fees eating into your hard-earned retirement fund or company profits. 

The pensions industry has many hidden commissions and charges. At SSAS Practitioner.com we charge a fully-transparent flat fee.

What you agree in terms of renumeration for your investment adviser is up to you. Alternatively, you may wish to decide what investments to make yourselves, in which case we check that the investments are allowable within a SSAS.

Please see Permitted SSAS investments.

No commission is paid by SSAS Practitioner.com to introducers, so we do not appear on any comparison websites.

Our £1,895 + VAT pa fee covers all aspects of the running of your scheme.

It also includes the take-over of your scheme from your current provider (except for solicitors fees where applicable) and the set up of a new SSAS and all associated work (except for solicitors' and valuers' fees where applicable).

Our fee schedule is far simpler and much better value than any other SSAS provider.  We do this by specialising in SSASs, by using innovative administration systems, by having low overheads and by not paying ourselves excessive salaries.

The annual fee includes:

  • Provision of Trust Deed and Rules
  • Supplying Death Benefit nomination forms
  • Scheme registration with HMRC
  • Scheme registration with the Pensions Regulator and ongoing correspondence with them
  • Registration on the Information Commissioner Office's Data Protection Register
  • Collection of data regarding other pension policies and arranging the transfer of existing policies into the SSAS (no transfer advice given)
  • All ongoing liaison with HMRC, event reporting, submitting annual Pension Scheme Return
  • Setting up loans from scheme, and all associated documentation (not including any solicitor's work)
  • Liaising with banks to arrange scheme borrowing
  • Set-up and payment of tax-free cash from scheme
  • Dealing with buying and selling of scheme assets
  • Provision of high-quality scheme record keeping
  • Payment of death benefits
  • Payment of Pensions Regulator and Data Protection invoices  (yes, these are also included in our annual fee)
  • Provision of annual valuations at the scheme year end, or more frequently if required
  • Inclusion of up to 4 members in the scheme

We are confident that you will not wish to leave SSAS Practitioner.com.  However, should you choose to do so, we will refund your annual fee pro-rata and will not charge an exit fee (unlike the majority of SSAS providers). 

The only additional charges we make are for:

Provision of PAYE if you do not arrange your pension payments through your company payroll (£200 pa)

Administration of your scheme in excess of four members (£150 per extra member)

Methods of payment

 We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer - please request our bank details.
  • Cheque - made payable to 'SSAS Practitioner.com Limited'.

See a comparison of our charges with our competitors

See our calculator showing how various fee structures of our rivals will eat into your retirement fund

We are always available to answer any queries you may have.  For this, or a no-obligation discussion about how we can run your SSAS and reduce your current fees, please call us on 0800 112 3750 or email us at info@ssaspractitioner.com.

Alternatively download the forms required for us to set up or take over your SSAS.













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