Client testimonials

"We have very nearly completed the transfer to SSAS Ltd and I would recommend their services to any one who is thinking of doing likewise. Ann Sturman has guided us through the process very efficiently and effectively, her cooperation and advice throughout has made a very pleasant change."
Chris Munday, Waterloo Directors Retirement Scheme ★★★★★
"Great service, helped us over several years now with family scheme including transfers and commercial property ownership. First Class operators."
Shaun Rennison, SSAS Holder ★★★★★
"My company moved our (SSAS) pension scheme to SSAS Ltd about 3 years ago. It was a commercial decision, as our previous local provider was exceptionally expensive, we found their charges unreasonable and any savings under this wrapper were taken by them. Quite frankly there was no point as any tax savings were not visible.
I met with Peter Jones and found him to be straight forward and 100% transparent and I decided to move our scheme following a short face to face meeting. I can confirm truly, that their fees and charges are fixed. Please don’t be fooled by the fact that just because you pay more, you get more ..! SSAS are opposite, you pay less and get more..! 
The staff, I have found to be professional, knowledgeable and always respond to my needs. Our company SSAS is managed by Ann Sturman who I find professional and always willing to listen, help and guide me properly.

I can confirm that their fees have remained at the same level and by moving to them we have extended our SSAS to a good level. 
in addition we have saved in fees and now see our SSAS as a proper vehicle for any limited company. In all honesty I have introduced around half a dozen others who have moved and started to save money."
Hitesh Pujara, SSAS Holder ★★★★★


“I am a 55 year youngman and after contributing to my pension fund since I was 18, to say I was sceptical about using SSAS due to so many adverts regarding pension scammers would be an understatement. The fact I had to pay the annual fee up front before any work was carried out made me even more nervous.

However I could not have been more wrong. The service and professionalism I have received from all of the staff at SSAS has been 100%. Rita initially dealt with our application and her attention to detail was flawless. There are so many forms which require dealing with from the HMRC, Pension Regulator and your own pension provider who will not release your pension funds without the correct paperwork in place. This whole process would have been an absolute mind field without Rita’s knowledge and assistance and there was never a delay in dealing with the continual stream of paperwork.

Once the SSAS was finally set up and our pension funds were transferred it was Laura’s time to shine, advising and guiding us through various Investment options. Again her attention to detail and knowledge is priceless, all investment related questions are continually answered swiftly and in a very detailed professional manner. 

I would highly recommend the SSAS team."

Howard Newport, Newport Estates (UK) Limited ★★★★★


"When setting up our SSAS we researched and spoke to several providers before putting our trust in SSAS They have been, and continue to be, the most efficient and effective company we have ever worked with. The entire process was flawless and their continued support and guidance has allowed us to invest confidently in several tax compliant investment vehicles. We highly recommend SSAS's service from initial enquiry to fully functional SSAS."

Kenny Cosgrove, Cosgrove Property Solutions Ltd ★★★★★


"You are a breath of fresh air after our previous provider!"

Tom Powney, Briggs Shoes Limited ★★★★★


“I had discussed with various professionals the possibilities of setting up a SSAS pension for our business. I didn’t feel confident with the options discussed and therefore decided to do a search online for alternatives.

It was through a little online research that I discovered SSAS and having read the customer reviews I decided to give them a call. This was one of the best decisions I have made in over 30 years in business.

The support I have had at every stage of the process has been excellent. We have now set up the SSAS and purchased the commercial premises that we run our printing business from.

We are still having problems getting one of our pensions transferred into the scheme but SSAS are helping me to deal with this particular difficult pension provider.

Everyone at SSAS that I have dealt with have been prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and more importantly very nice to deal with. It feels like they are part of your own business team.

Fantastic!  Keep up the good work.

We are happy to recommend this company to anyone considering a SSAS pension."

Paul & Gillian Hobson, Calf Hey Holdings Ltd, Huddersfield ★★★★★


“We continue to be delighted with our move to Peter and his team at SSAS
Our SSAS is a number of years old and we have had the services of a variety of practitioners over the years. This enables us to comment from experience.
The secret to a successful relationship and to benefit from SSAS is to involve them and if in doubt check first. Peter’s team have great depth of knowledge, are helpful and easy to communicate with.
The net result, we are a happy customer.”
Gordon Bott, SSAS Holder ★★★★★
"We have been using SSAS since 2013 when we migrated our SIPP pension scheme over to a SSAS. We had been given very poor advice when we set up the original group SIPP and the company that managed it were appalling so we were nervous moving to a new supplier. We were put in touch with Peter Jones and his team in June 2013 and what a refreshing experience that was! They took care of everything with absolute clarity and avoiding any confusion. Whenever we need anything, our requests are dealt with swiftly and professionally and I have, and would recommend their services to anyone. Thank you!"
Sam Francis, Pelham Investors Pension Scheme ★★★★★

"Having run a SSAS with one of the major companies in the past and been frustrated by the red tape to do anything, let alone the extortionate charges, I decided to use SSAS for a new SSAS I set up in 2017. The contrast between the two companies was unbelievable, especially since I wanted to do some relatively complicated actions with the new SSAS. Not only did SSAS patiently guide me through what I could or could not do, this was all covered by their very modest annual fee. I have now told my accountant and financial adviser about their exceptional service and would urge anybody considering setting up a SSAS to look no further than SSAS" 

Peter G Hynes (multiple business owner) ★★★★★

"Thank you to the team at SSAS for all the support and expertise in dealing with our scheme. Unlike our previous pension trustee, SSAS have responded very quickly to all our queries, provided services over and above what we have been used to and have an expertise in sorting issues and problems that is so welcome compared to what we had.....! To cap it all, their costs are incredibly reasonable and I would highly recommend them. 10/10!"

Norman Wells, Trustee, Circa Services Pension Scheme ★★★★★


"SSAS offers a transparent and fixed cost package that is great value for money that has resulted in us achieving sizeable and genuine savings. Their service is both friendly and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Thank you all at SSAS"

Chris Mountford, All Vehicle Contracts Ltd ★★★★★


"Having been for many years with a large company of practitioners and been distressed with their costs and also their slowness of response, I have changed to SSAS and have been delighted at the response I get from them.  My emails are replied to within hours and the response is always knowledgeable. I am very glad to have made the change which has saved my pension fund approximately 75% in costs."

Derek Bates, Author of novel,  ‘Shadows in the Wall’ and non-fiction book  ‘Agenda for the Future’ ★★★★★


"In 2006, HMRC removed the requirement for a SSAS pension scheme to have a professional Pensioneer Trustee on board. HMRC actually did away with the need for the role altogether and replaced it with a new requirement for a SSAS scheme to appoint a Scheme Administrator, whose position could actually be filled by an existing Member.

We believed there was no reason why we could not run and administer our SSAS ourselves. Although our parent company had ceased trading long ago, we did still feel well able to add running the Scheme’s Payroll to our other Trustee responsibilities. We would save fees and it did seem sensible, particularly since we have always been involved in determining our own Pension Drawdown. We were already doing our own investment management. In our case, we had always managed the Scheme’s commercial property portfolio as well as its other assets. There were no longer frequent actuarial requirements and with HMRC's new Registered Pension Scheme rules, routine administration had in many cases been simplified.

However, we did feel we should somehow keep a ‘pensions professional’ on board or at least work under the umbrella of one. Such a professional would be able to satisfy HMRC, that things were being done correctly and also act as a ‘go-between’. He or she would undoubtedly also assist in keeping us up to date with pensions legislation.

We searched around and found SSAS who advertised themselves as ‘SSAS Specialists’, saying that they could act as an SSAS Scheme Adviser for a competitive annual fee..

With HMRC advising that a Professional Trustee was no longer required for an SSAS scheme, this really boosted our confidence to make the change and so we decided to move over.

Once we told our existing professional we had made the decision and were moving to someone else and that we were no longer going to have a Professional Trustee, we smiled when they even tried the tactic of scaremongering in an attempt to keep our business, telling me that I was not properly qualified to be the Scheme Administrator.

Of course, this latter comment was rather silly because everything we were ever going to do concerning our Scheme would only be done under the umbrella of SSAS

For instance, we would not be able to get hold of a cent of our Scheme’s funds without SSAS’s primary signature.

Did we make any fee savings in making the change?

Before the change over, our then Professional Trustee organisation’s management charges, including Payroll for the two of us, were as follows (these fees include VAT- our Scheme was not/is not registered for VAT):

2013: £1,540
2014: £1,774
2015: £1,674
2016: £2,664 (this included £420 (incl. VAT) handover fee for the extra work to transfer over our SSAS to SSAS

At change-over, there were certain other additional fees (eg. removing Professional Trustee’s name from Land Registry property titles for four properties: £622.00 incl.VAT)

We have now been with SSAS for two years and our account is managed and handled by Ann Sturman. It was Ann who guided us through the paperwork associated with our changeover and we have a fantastic relationship with her. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

With no extra cost in fees, Ann has completed a transfer from capped drawdown to Flexi Access Drawdown. We think we should have been doing this well before we did but were never told anything about it. Ann has assisted in the addition of an additional Trustee (our daughter), ready for when ‘the inevitable happens’ and so as to make things run more smoothly ‘at that sad time’.

I really would like to ‘spread the gospel’ about the benefits of using SSAS and we are so very pleased to have changed over to them. We certainly get a much better service and for the first time ever, we are getting pro-active advice."

Robert Proctor - Retired Director and SSAS Holder, Northampton ★★★★★


"SSAS is a complete package. Refreshingly, the fees are totally transparent and fixed which is great value for money. Prompt and to the point service, they are not intent on generating large fees. Cannot recommend them strongly enough."

Ali Jamil, Lindner Commercial Ltd ★★★★★


"The rules governing SSASs are complicated, and therefore there is understandable wariness in adopting a self-help approach.  However, the team at SSAS provides a friendly and reliable hand-holding service that makes it feasible for many to benefit from the less restricted investment options that SSAS's enjoy over SIPP's. Furthermore, SSAS Practitioner have priced their service very competitively. As a chartered accountant in public practice, I am familiar with the challenge of providing good value in a regulated market. I think SSAS hit the mark."

Geoffrey Horley, Horley Family Pension Trust ★★★★★


"Having just used Peter and his team at SSAS to setup two SSAS schemes for my companies, I would just like to say that the quality of support and guidance provided by them (Rita and Debbie in my case) was exceptional. Their response rate to communications and gentle reminders when I was late replying were very much appreciated to keep matters on track. It is not often you find that a company which provides very competitive fees is also able to  deliver such high standards on the service element. However, here we have both! Well done."

Pranay Paw, Director of Prima Healthcare Ltd ★★★★★


"We run a farming estate and other small businesses. We wanted to set up a SSAS to consolidate some modest defined contribution pensions and to provide efficient finance options. I have been very impressed by the quality and value for money of SSAS Practitioner's service - they are always much quicker to respond than I am and they have handled complex land transactions with aplomb as part of the flat fee service. I wish the advisers in my day-job were all as good. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

SSAS Holder, Landowner and Investment Manager, Devon ★★★★★


“We were extremely pleased with the professional and knowledgeable takeover of our existing SSAS by your company, SSAS We were losing quite a lot of money in our old scheme on management fees and poor investment. Now we feel that we have more control over the fund, we know exactly what the charges will be, the paperwork is efficient, timely and correct. Altogether we are very satisfied with the great service and the product."

Lynda Porter, SSAS Holder ★★★★★


“We were recommended to use SSAS by an Independent Financial Adviser who we have known for a number of years. He advised us that they would have the necessary expertise to assist us in what can be a complex and challenging area and he was right. 

SSAS took us through the whole process to include setting up the necessary documentation and obtaining HMRC approval.

We were very happy with the work they did and in particular would like to make a special mention of Ann Sturman and Peter Jones for their patience, understanding and thorough professionalism."

SSAS Holder & Solicitor ★★★★★


"I have been with SSAS Practitioner for nearly three years. Peter's honest and open approach along with a can do attitude gave me confidence to move from Mattioli Woods PLC. Not to mention the extraordinary value for money. I expect to be using this company for years to come, handing over my portfolio to my children when they are ready."

Abraham Smith, SSAS Holder ★★★★★


“I’ve been extremely pleased by the whole operation at SSAS Practitioner. I’m not particularly good with forms and procedures but they made everything easy for me to understand and comply with. There’s no denying that it is a complicated process but the results are certainly worth the effort. The icing on the cake is that, with no lessening of quality that I can see, SSAS Practitioner did the work for less than one fifteenth of the quote I received from what I’d call a more traditional supplier.”

John Williams, CEO & Chairman, Mason Williams ★★★★★


“When I set up my SSAS I took professional advice on fund administrators.  I was never happy with them. My account managers changed all the time, they were unable to action simple requests in a timely way, in one case leading to a punitive tax bill as they failed to deliver a withdrawal of funds before the end of a tax year, and most especially I disliked that they had to counter sign everything and were registered with the Land Registry on the deeds to the SSAS owned commercial property.  Fees were charged for every action and as the level of service diminished, so their fees went up.

I went on line to search out for a different way of managing my SSAS. I had sold my business which I set up from scratch and taken early retirement. I regard myself as competent and financially savvy and perfectly capable of managing the SSAS myself. I asked my Financial Advisor to search out options for me.  He charged £750 + VAT and recommended I stayed where I was as his research showed all SSAS administrators charged heavily and the ones I was with were perhaps one of the cheapest, despite their dire service. It was clear that the then Chancellor was trying to make pensions more flexible and to reduce punitive fees being charged and I considered that the industry professionals were struggling to react positively to this challenge. My Financial Advisor clearly had reservations about SSAS Practitioner’s model. So we parted.

Today it is easy to go on line and get feedback by users of a service and I was interested to read good things about SSAS Practitioner.  I not only spoke with the company to understand how they worked but, because their offices are near where my sister lives, visited them!  A straightforward operation with no expensive or showy offices, but a product tailored to suit business people like myself used to taking financial responsibility.

On moving accounts SSAS Practitioner handled all the necessary paper work and were endlessly patient with the firm I was leaving who were as inefficient about effecting the change as could have been expected. They also charged a great deal less for managing the complexity of the move than the firm I was departing from, and made it simple for me to understand.

Since moving I have been utterly delighted with the service and feel quite evangelical about promoting the SSAS Practitioner model of operation.  I have recently had new tenants move into one of the SSAS owned commercial units.  The solicitor was impressed that everything was right at the Land Registry and commented it made drawing up the lease both cheaper and easier as only dealing with me as Trustee.  Also, he had never heard of SSAS Practitioner and liked the model a lot and hoped to introduce it to some of his clients who were stuck with slow and expensive administrators and as frustrated as I was with their management.

So, in conclusion, I would warmly recommend this firm as being the ideal solution for those with a SSAS. I keep them informed of what I am doing and they keep an eye on the fund and advise me on the correct tax approach.  They charge an annual fee and then they charge a single fee of £150 (+VAT) for managing all the tax deductions on pay-outs  across the year.  It is a professional working relationship but with sensible people who are interested in being constructive and assisting you in meeting your objectives; I feel I am part of a really nice team. It’s very reassuring.”

Deborah Clark, The DCA Retirement Benefits Scheme ★★★★★


"SSAS Limited handled the take-over of my client's SSAS quickly and extremely efficiently. Their fixed, reasonable fees with no hidden costs are a breath of fresh air. Phone calls and emails are responded to promptly and I've found them to be knowledgeable and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend SSAS Limited."

Jamie Gordon, IFA, Lynas Vokes ★★★★★


"Thank you for your proactive and professional assistance over the past few months. Having used a variety of Professional Trustee firms to administer my SSAS schemes, with varying degrees of happiness, I decided that I would employ a different approach, where professionalism and consistency of service were high on the aspirations of a new service provider. Following an internet search I came upon SSAS Limited and decided to speak to you and get a feel for what you had to offer. As a direct result of our conversation I felt that you would be the right firm to handle our requirements in the future and quickly set about transferring over a number of schemes to you. Not only was the service provided fast and efficient, SSAS Limited have been quick to identify issues and resolve them where possible. A number of administrative shortcomings from recognised Professional Trustees and Scheme Administrators have also been spotted and resolved by SSAS Limited.

My clients have incurred lower fees and a more professional service since being switched to SSAS Limited and I look forward to working with you further in the future."

Simon Lander, IFA ★★★★★


"We have the pleasure to recommend your services to anyone interested in operating a SSAS Fund. Your prompt responses to our enquiries are very helpful for our investment decisions. Your follow-up gives us the assurance that the administration of the scheme is up to date. SSAS offer an extremely competitive service since the all-inclusive fee approach makes it even viable for smaller companies to take advantage of tax-efficient retirement planning."

Gunda Wise, Director, Thuthuka Limited ★★★★★


"Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for your help recently in utilising our company pension fund. I must admit when we first researched the internet and found your services, I was a little concerned at leaving Scottish Widows and handing over the running of my precious retirement fund to an unknown party. Your service has been first class, enquiries answered the same day and what seemed to be a minefield of paperwork was diluted to a couple of phone calls and emails. I must also mention the financial saving in using your service too, more than 30% annually. (More for me to spend in another 10 years or so!!)"

Mark Foster, Managing Director, Heritage Lofts Limited ★★★★★


"As a practicing medical doctor running a busy commercial clinic, I was pleasantly surprised by how straight forward it was to set-up a SSAS pension fund. The SSAS team guided me through the paperwork and the whole pension fund was set-up in less than three weeks! I have recevied great support throughout the process and have found it very flexible to organise the pension fund. This has included the use of funds to purchase the commercial building and setting up an online stockbroker account. Peter Jones and his team should be commended for their work in assisting businesses to take control over their finances."

Dr Russell Emerson FRCP DM MB ChB, Clinical Director, Hove Skin Clinic Ltd ★★★★★


"I have been very impressed with the service we received from Peter Jones as SSAS He explained what was involved and gave information without obligation before we decided to go with his company; and that allowed us to make an informed decision to switch our directors' SIPPs into the SSAS wrapper. Emails are answered extremely promptly (even at weekends) and paperwork turned around quickly, which meant our SSAS was up and running within a very short time of making the decision to go ahead and with no hidden charges. So far, a very good experience and to be recommended."

Director, Legal Services Management Consultancy ★★★★★


"I have been extremely satisfied with the service provided by SSAS Limited. They handled the take-over from my previous Practitioner quickly and efficiently and have organised the set-up of a PAYE scheme and a stockbroker account. As a complete novice in financial matters, it has been very helpful to have Peter Jones respond so quickly to email queries and guide me through various procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend SSAS Limited."

Dr Michael Wheatley, Reservoir Related Technology Ltd ★★★★★


"I can thoroughly recommend the services of SSAS They couldn't have handled the take-over of our SSAS scheme any better. I understand more about our scheme in just a few weeks with SSAS than in all the years prior to their take-over."

Tony Craven, Chairman, Clayfield Construction Ltd ★★★★★


"I would advise anyone with a SSAS scheme to transfer to SSAS as soon as possible. Not only do they have the lowest fee I could find but their speed of response has been outstanding. The transfer was time consuming for SSAS due entirely to the previous scheme administrators. I fully expected additional costs due to the amount of work involved. In fact it was all dealt with by SSAS within the basic annual fee which is less than many companies quoted just for a scheme transfer. Most impressed!"

Ian Eagland, Director, Eagland Machine Tools Ltd ★★★★★


"I have had a huge amount of dealings with SSAS providers over the years. I can honestly say that SSAS Ltd ticks every box. The all-inclusive fee is outstanding value for money, all completely transparent with no hidden charges. Tasks are attended to on a 'priority basis' rather than the usual industry 'diary turn around days', so if there is something urgent it is done within minutes. This is vital for clients who are looking to complete on a property purchase, or require a pension loanback for business funding purposes. SSAS Ltd has access to specialist advisers, enabling them to compete on equal terms with any provider, at a fraction of the cost. I would have no hesitation in recommending SSAS Ltd."

Andrew Tobin, IFA, Thompson Tobin Financial Solutions ★★★★★


"We have received consistently good and prompt service from SSAS Ltd. Their knowledge and guidance have been excellent and they facilitate a very smooth SSAS set-up. Their fixed fee basis is both competitive and very refreshing in a market place otherwise characterised by high variable charges. The service is personal and well-tuned to the needs of our scheme. We thoroughly recommend SSAS Ltd."

John Withers, JG & LC Withers Pension Trust ★★★★★


"Throughout the period I have used SSAS Ltd I have been impressed by the speed of response to all communication and the efficiency of the operation. They provide excellent service and advice and I cannot recommend them more highly."

Glyn Evans FRCS, London Knee Clinic Ltd ★★★★★


"SSAS Practitioner helped me set-up a SSAS just over a year ago and during that time have assisted me with a property purchase as well as various investment schemes. The service received has been first rate with queries dealt with promptly and in a professional and friendly manner."

James Booth, SSAS Holder ★★★★★


"I have used SSAS for nearly twelve months now and during that time I have found them to be professional, efficient, knowledgeable and most importantly good value for money. Dealing with Peter has been refreshing, if you ask a question then it gets answered very promptly and his industry understanding has been very insightful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and SSAS for the administration of your SSAS pension scheme."

Andrew Tomlinson FFA FFTA, Accountant, ★★★★★


"Over the many years we have been working with Peter and his team at SSAS Practitioners, we have always received the highest standards of service. They are technically excellent, provide a superb service every time and always keep us and the client at the centre of everything they do."

Jon Foster, IFA, Independent Financial Solutions ★★★★★


"We have been Working with SSAS Practitioner for 2 years, to understand their services and service levels. We landed our first client 4 months ago, which required purchase of a commercial property. We had a specific deadline, but we started with huge delays from a Personal Pension Provider requiring their usual red tape of due diligence and IDs.  Legals (for leases, freeholds) Bankers, IFA, Surveyors, client and Accountants were all pulled together by the good management of SSAS Practitoner. The project was delivered on time, the outcome being a happy client who will be provided with good rental income and tax efficient loans all through his new SSAS."

Nick Cronin IFA, Corporate Financial Resources ★★★★★

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